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Our new annual FAIR report is here!

Proudly presenting our fourth annual FAIR report. You might think the fourth in a row is a piece of (chocolate) cake. But you’d be mistaken. For the second time, we wrote our report according to (drum roll, please) the international guidelines for sustainability from GRI, the Global Reporting Initiative. BAM! BAM! BAM! 3x double word score.

We investigated which subjects were important for us to report on. What did we hear through social media, from customers, journalists, and cocoa farmers in West Africa? Those conversations are the basis for this annual FAIR report. We’ll show you what we do (and what we don’t). We’re open about what worked (and what didn’t). You’ll read about our goals, our strategies and results. And hopefully our story will inspire other companies and social enterprises. Go check it out here!

And ehm, here you can find our former FAIR report, 2014/2015!

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