who are we

Arjen v H


Smooth Operator
If you find yourself next to our coffee machine on a Monday morning, you’ll find that Arie always has the best stories from his weekend. Maybe they’ll be about a trip through Amsterdam by boot; maybe they’ll be about karaoke singing in the local pub or the “rijsttafel” dinner he got himself invited to. Double espresso with a bit of milk, please!!



Wrapper Delight
You can’t tell when you see her, but Kay Kay was raised in a snack bar. Frying oil runs in her veins, as she says. And boy, can she burp! Afterwards she smiles her innocent princess-like smile, as if she didn’t just devour a plate of meatballs with peanut sauce.



Livin’ la Vida Choca
Did you know that Marieke once took a course in interior styling. Her house looks picture perfect / designer-magazine perfect. A little designer chair here, a little bouquet of wild flowers a well-chosen coffee table book there. If you ever want to make Marieke happy with a bouquet of flowers, you’ll need to keep one thing in mind – she loves all flowers, just not yellow ones.

Arjen B


Cocoa Gadget
Because there are 3 Arjans at Tony’s, we call this one Bookie but we’re not really allowed to tell you why. But it’s not what you think! Something cool to know about Bookie – he can sing the entire repertoire of André Hazes by heart. Uh oh, do you hear it too? ”I haaaaaave here a letter…”



If Tony’s gave an award for most-well-cared-for hands, then Marijntje would definitely be in the final running. Even though most weekends she’s busy filling her freezer full of healthy meals for her two little ones! What a supermom.

Pascal - Tony's Chocolonely


Choco Loco
Pascal is a night person, according to her. Maybe she dances in front of the mirror at home then, a huge trend in the Ivory Coast. Or maybe she’s busy looking for an exciting vacation destination. Because she loves finding chocolate on her pillow. According to her.

Eva W


Spice Girl
Eva is the baby in the family but she certainly doesn’t act like it! She got her degree in Food Science & Technology and now she’s an accomplished connoisseur and knows everything about flavour charts, natural ingredients and nutrition. And to top it off, she dressed as Katy Perry for New Year’s Eve!



American Brand Builder
You never need to ask Maudi what she’s going to do on the weekend. On average, she goes to 1 – 2 birthday parties per week! When there’s no birthday to celebrate, she does sports or goes to festivals. And she speaks fluent Spanish. Me gusta mucho el chocolate. ¡Si, señorita!

Peter - Tony's Chocolonely


The American Dream
Our man in America might look like a stiff Dutch guy at first glance, but as soon as the music starts, his hips begin to sway and he fills the dance (or office) floor with the finest Latin moves. Mambo Americano!



When Sophie grew up in Venlo she sometimes crossed the meadows to school on purpose. Maybe that’s why she dreams about crossing the USA or starting a travel agency in Argentina with her brother. Very handy to have a notebook next to your bed to write down your dreams.


Henk Jan

Chief Chocolate Officer
Henk Jan was once a calendar model but he quit all that when he got the chance to become Tony’s Chief Chocolate Officer. He’s forged ahead with plans to create a world of 100% slave-free chocolate and has drafted all of Tony’s family members to help.



Cocoa Cash
Next to being an expert bean counter, Paul is also a fully certified first-aid responder. Everyone can feel safe with Paul nearby, for example on a camping site, where he loves to hang out on the weekends. Hi ho, hi ho, it’s off to camping he goes!



Choco Catalyst
Everybody has their secret wishes. Heather’s is a complete white bedroom with nothing in it but a big bed with white linen. Call it perfectionism, call it utopic, but it guarantees a good night’s sleep. But watch out with that milk yoghurt passionfruit bar, Heather!

Tonys Chocolonely Ingeborg


Some people remember everything—obscure nursery rhymes, a striking little number you wore eight years ago.. Ingeborg is like that. Which comes in handy if you’re stuck in the urban jungle (she used to be a girlscout), but annoying when she has to make you a poem with Sinterklaas.

Tonys Chocolonely Ruben


It’s a good thing we have a desk disco every six months at Tony’s, because Ruben is an expert in cracking word jokes all day long. Bad jokes, some people call them, but they just can’t appreciate the art of it. Don’t let them put you down, Ruben!



Golden Wrapper
Maybe it’s because she lives on a houseboat, but there are few things that make Melassi (nickname, not a spelling mistake) happier than baby animals. Piglets on Insta or cygnets in the wild, she can’t get enough. Uhm, sorry.. cygnets? Let’s look that one up.



Office Tornado
Little known fact: Kisha is hooked on Manga. You know: Japanese comic books. If one is no good (One Piece), she’ll move on to the next. But be careful.. give her a Naruto and she won’t even pick up the phone.



Daddy Doekoe
Our Eliyas enjoys the simple things in life. Pulling pranks, catching a film, playing with his kids, eating a free donut every day.. Say whaaat? Yes, you’d have to spend a night in a sleeping bag on the Nieuwendijk, but that’s peanuts for Eliyas.



What kind of tattoo did Phoebe get in Season Two of Friends? And what’s the one thing Joey doesn’t share? Juliëtte knows these things. Even after having watched every episode ten times.. yes, still fun. Ahll be there for youhou!



But Seriously
As a kid Joost got pretty hyper from color additives, so sweets were off the table. He’s over it now and revenge is sweet, because he’s making up for lost time! Just no chocolate. Really? Really.



Choco Co-Captain
As a self-proclaimed nerd Anne-Wil willfully (probably because of the second part of her name) wants to know how everything works. Everything? Yes, everything. So it doesn’t surprise us that she’s allowed to fly an airplane and that skydiving in a wind tunnel is the only thing left on her bucket list.



Commander Choco Chiefs
There are few weekends when Maartje’s not out and about in nature, honing her wilderness knowledge. Then, back home she can vent her frustration aloud about the Dutch animal kingdom: can’t you see the difference between a roe deer and a red deer?!



Cocoa Control
Bas goes out looking for adventure. Always armed with a camera and an impressive amount of camera accessories – lenses, tripods, you name it.. Quite handy if you climb Macchu Pichu or the Kilimanjaro, or go cage diving with great white sharks. Say cheese!



Choco Service Canon
Bring your machete when you visit Carlijn because her house is packed with flowers. Not a surprise that she wants an enormous wildflower garden, just like her grandmother used to have. Later on in life, when she’s grown up.

Tonys Chocolonely Annabel


Choco Chanel
No Tony without a nickname and Annabel has the most of all: Bel, Bellie, Bells, Belleboos… just Annabel is fine as well. Having that many nicknames comes in handy when you need her because she likes to daydream when no one’s watching. Bella! Phone!

Tonys Chocolonely Rick


Chocomatic Fanatic
Something that doesn’t come up right away when you have a coffee with Rick: he knows how to survive an avalanche. How cool is that? So everyone at Tony’s wants to join Rick when he goes off-piste. That Rick, lucky dog.



Stock ‘n’ roll
Bix is not a brand of horse food or technical toys for children from the age of 8, but instead short for Bixintxo Joxe Azurmendi Ayerbe. That’s Basque boy, and with that Bix wins first prize for the best name in Team Tony’s! And the hardest to pronounce.



Impact Cheerleader
Ask Diara about her plans for the future and they all involve cake. What are you going to do this weekend? Cake. What do you want to be when you grow up? Cake. Of course she means she wants to become a cakeshop-lady. In Ghana, if possible. Formidable!


Paul K

King of Happiness
If you phone Paul after work hours it may just be possible he’s cooking meatballs, and he invites you to come and have one. Not many people are as hospitable and eager to please as our Paulski. Another hard boiled egg, anyone?



Quality Queen
There’s people that don’t want to be disturbed in their sleep, but they’re peanuts compared to Sylvia. Her baby boy gets away with it, the rest have to fear for their lives. She doesn’t even have to wake up to swat mosquitos, yikes!



You can’t tell it when you hear her, but our Fleur is originally from the south of the Netherlands. Because of a childhood in the USA she lost her soft tone of voice, that comes in handy when she sings along with the music at Tony’s. This living jukebox doesn’t really do requests, but if you start to sing a song she’ll join in loud and clear.



Hot Coco
Even though Chloé is the youngest of four and therefore, and we quote, a bit of a princess, she’s not one to sit back and relax. Roll up those sleeves, boy-o! And then we’re not just talking about her brown-green detox drinks or her cauliflower risotto. Whappa!



Power Pod
Did you know Marjol’s grandmother once left for Congo as a photographer on a bananaboat? We didn’t either. But we trust she was as well prepared as Marjol usually is. Set sail for adventure!



Golden Bar
Even though to Marian Tony’s is sometimes like a daycare center, she’s not afraid to dive into the deep end. Shawarma sandwich, CD by Anouk, sing-along and go!



Sales Wing Man
It’s pretty impressive when Wasken lifts a football out of the Haarlemmervaart with his feet. But secretly, he is a sore loser: pretends to forget the score, pulling shirts, says “hats off” if the sun’s shining.. Good thing he’s such a sweetie otherwise!

Arjen Klink


West Coast Wrapper
Arjen is our resident DJ. He plays just about everything, from ska to pan flute music. When we don’t really dig his selection, we do let him know, but very, very carefully. Arjan has a black belt in karate and can (so he claims) break a pile of wooden planks in half with one hand. At the office, he keeps himself pretty happy.

Frans - Tony's Chocolonely


Bean to Bartender
With three daughters, Frans is Tony’s ladies’ man. Cheering at the pool, haggling over green bean prices, and he can braid hair like nobody’s business. But every once in while he goes off with his friends to watch a Belgian cycling tournament — after all it’s all about balance.

Kirsten - Tony's Chocolonely


Sweet Talk
From Hoofddorp to South America, Kirsten travels around. On foot, too, jogging crisscross through Westerpark in Amsterdam — for fun! You better do something if you work in a chocolate factory!

Tonys Chocolonely Femke


Bean Editor
Celebrating carnaval in Oldenzaal as ‘Boeskoolwiefke’ or climbing a fourthousand meter high mountain in the Alps? Hmm.. tough choice. Femke wants to do both, but until then she’ll be on the sofa with her pet rabbit Miep.



People Champion
Did you know that Carline once worked on a filmset as a lighting technician? And though she may not look it, she comes from the Far East. Far East of the Netherlands that is – from Hengeloo! She now lives in Leiden with her fiancé and cat, Micks, and soon they will get married (Carline and her fiancé, not the cat, even though she’s madly in love with him, too!). Meow!!



Choco on the go
Since January 2013 Ivan has been fidgeting in his chair, two-stepping to lunch and answering the telephone with, “Alaaf” (??). Ivan is a genuine Brabander – he flips for carnival! But don’t worry – he’s in just as merry a mood when he’s got his costume on as when he’s got his everyday shirt on.



Doc Ops
There aren’t many as modest as our Barry, but we would like to point out that he played futsal on the international level for years! Ah well, watching sports is also good fun – if there’s no Dora or Teletubbies on, anyway.

EI5A1834_MARIJN_annebarlinckhoff klein


Chocolate explorer
Marijn is a woman of the world. Literally. She’s lived in London, has run a half marathon in London, Paris and Lisbon and is training for another in Berlin. In her free time, she studies Hebrew. If there’s any time left-over, she travels around the world. By her own admission, she’s the worst foosball / table football player on the planet.



Bean counter
The summer is when Freek comes alive! That’s when he travels throughout the entire country in search of the hippest music festivals. From Lowlands to the Black Cross, the festival is Freek’s home away from home. But even when they’ve packed up and left town, his search for adventures don’t stop there – he and his wife enjoy traveling around the world!!



Sourcing Chef
When you’ve got a craving for something really yummy, Sanne’s your go-to girl. She’s famous for her amazing cakes. And when she’s not standing in the kitchen, she goes running or traveling to some far-away place, such as to Zanzibar. When she’s not hard at work, she’s training for a race. Hup, two, three, four!

Lean - The Supply Chain Machine


The Supply Chain Machine
“Always look on the bright side of life” is Lean’s attitude. And that includes the little things: playing Risk until the sun comes up, drinking beers in a bar (perhaps while passing around a package of mini ginger snaps)… Yup, our pal Lean knows how to have fun.

Henriette - Cocoa Calculator


Cocoa Calculator
Henriëtte has to try everything once. She just likes trying new things, she would say. But those include things like wreck diving and climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro! Also on her bucket list: camping at the North Pole.



Miss Mash
If it gets to be too much for Meredith, give her a broom or let her do the dishes. That’s her style of therapy. That, or a handful of chocolate chip cookies. Make sure you hold onto some yourself because she’ll eat every. last. one.

Tonys Chocolonely Frits


The Choconator
You wouldn’t say it to look at him, but Frits hails from the suburbs, Nieuwegein to be precise. That probably helped in his general development: Frits is the guy you want on your team the next time you’re competing in a pub quiz. And if it’s a night of karaoke, put on David Bowie. Rebel Rebel!

Tonys Chocolonely Ynzo


Choco Evangelist
What do you call a white fourty year old who likes to blast old skool hip hop? Ynzo! He even does a little dance. No C-walk or B-walk, a T-walk! Red and blue together. Peace out.



Tony’s Store Tiger
Je zal Tewatha nooit door rood zien fietsen. Ze stopt netjes voor voetgangers bij zebrapaden, heeft altijd de lichtjes aan. Haar mede-fietsers zoeven haar geregeld hoofdschuddend voorbij alsof ze net haar fietsexamen heeft gehaald, maar wij zijn er alleen maar blij mee. Zekerstewatha!

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