our recipe for slave free chocolate

We’ve seen it, measured it and we know that a lot of what we do works. Therefore we’ve defined 5 sourcing principles that we believe every company should honor in their relationship with cocoa farmers. We call it our recipe for slave free cocoa. These principles form our foundation, we see ’em as the solid ground under our success.


The past few years, we’ve grown tremendously. Of course that’s nice for business. But it is especially important because thanks to our growth we can buy more beans in a better way and include more farmers as partners.

Almost 4 years ago we began our adventure of direct relationships with farmers groups in West-Africa; Abocfa in Ghana and Kapatchiva in Ivory Coast. We maintain long-term trade relationship with both farmer cooperatives. Since January 2015 we also buy beans from another cooperative; Suhum Union in Ghana. Although deliveries from our new partner were a bit disappointing last season (as it goes in Ghana, you’ll never know until you try!) we foresee many opportunities with them in the years to come.

In our annual FAIRreport we’ve explained in details how we put the 5 principles in practice: Tony’s 5 sourcing principles.